I never had a problem with my weight until I reached my mid 20’s. The diets I tried made it worse. With Boulder Nutrition’s support and guidance, I have lost 10 lbs and because it is the correct way of losing fat, I am able to see my body changing. My overall mood has changed for the better and I am able to concentrate more than I have in the past. Boulder Nutrition isn’t intimidating like the “gym” environment. The environment is warm and inviting. The staff members are very encouraging and realistic when helping people to lose weight. Boulder Nutrition explained how metabolism works and why the diets I tried weren't working. The staff is experienced and well educated on nutrition and exercise! I learned how to eat healthy and didn’t feel like I had to avoid foods I liked.

Carlene Hoffman, age 29, client since August 21, 2007

I travel weekly and have a high stress job, so meeting with Katie to set realistic, small, short-term goals makes me feel like I can tackle my long term goal of losing weight and getting healthier. I feel really good when I leave my appointments. Katie is a trusted advisor who really cares about my health and well-being. The environment? WOW! At a Gym, you are just a number - I am a bit shy to get out there and work within a larger group and really like the one-on-one personal attention I get with Katie.

Diana Henoa, age 43, client since June 2007

In October last year I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. This was a wakeup call given that I had already had a heart attack in 2000. My doctor suggested Boulder Nutrition & Exercise Services. From the beginning, Suzanne, Katie and Dina made me feel very comfortable about my situation. I had expected to be put on a very strict eating and exercise program. However, Suzanne spent time to understand my situation and lifestyle. From this we evaluated my goals every few weeks (and continue to do so), and six months later I feel not only much healthier, but also less stressed. The personal attention and lack of pressure allows major changes to be made and goals to be met in a stress-free manner. My cholesterol and blood glucose levels are down to almost perfect levels, but I will continue to be a client for many years, as this approach to diet and exercise just works!

Raymond Bell, age 41, client since 2008

My only goal when I started going to Boulder Nutrition & Exercise Services was to get my chronic, severe depression under control. I was at the lowest point in my life when my internist, Dr. Hillary Browne, asked Katie to call me. It had become clear that to regain and maintain my health, I needed a major lifestyle overhaul. Katie was an integral part of my healing, and she has empowered me to make lasting changes with amazing results. At 40, I look better than I did at 25... and most importantly, I feel less depressed, more stable, and very optimistic about the future! For the first time in my life, I feel not only motivated, but actually excited about exercising. My diet is healthier than ever before too - much more balanced and wholesome. Katie makes learning about nutrition and exercise, and starting a new regimen simple, fun and rewarding - even for a total beginner!

Cate Colburn-Smith

I met Katie in August 2006, through a referral from my primary physician at Spruce Street Internal Medicine in Boulder. I needed expert nutritional guidance to assist in my recovery from two kidney stone procedures. Katie changed my eating habits - focusing on a substantial increase in healthy foods, balanced with the discontinuance of foods not in my best interest. I am convinced this change in dietary intake has been fundamental in my improved health.

Rand Donohoo, client since 2006

In ten weeks of careful and nurturing guidance with Katie, I lost 20 pounds and my cholesterol dropped 75 points. I have maintained these changes now for a year. I cannot recommend her highly enough. The personal attention and support she provides are priceless.

Kristin, age 41

My confidence level for physical activities is so much better since I have been a client at Boulder Nutrition & Exercise Services. My strength, endurance and balance have all improved markedly. I meet other challenges in my life with a stronger and more confident attitude. I like the staff’s ability to adapt each person’s training for their health issues and special upcoming events. I have stayed with this program for a period of years instead of just weeks or months as with other health programs I’ve tried. The positive support, program flexibility, and genuine interest in the client’s well-being make all the difference. I highly value the friendship and have come to enjoy the hard work. I look forward to workout time!

Dolores Kinkead, age 65, client since 2004

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